The choice of a support model stay the responsibility of the fitter, because there are several models and by the fact, several possible applications. Thus, the fitter must judiciously choose the appropriate model by respecting the standards (loads capacity) established by Alubase.

Note that a bad use of products, as example, which would not respect the load capacity or non compliance with the installation procedure, will extricate Alubase of all responsibility. The snow accumulation, the ice or anyone who assemble the installation can damage the product and Alubase cannot be held responsible, because these element are out of control. However the fitter must take consideration. No guarantee, any exchange, or refund can be granted in case one or several modifications would have been made on the support.

The fitter must also respect the recommended fixation method, to screw the wall supports.

Each hole must be use on all wall models.

Furthermore, for each of them, without exception, it's absolutely necessary to use a washer for the installation.

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